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When I met my husband to be at  outcall London escorts he soon realised that I was not that kind of girl who enjoyed taking my holidays in the usual way. I told him that I often went to adults only destinations with my girlfriends from London escorts, and it did not seem too worried about that. Most of the time I would not tell the gentlemen I dated at London escorts about my personal life, but this guy seemed a lot more open minded than many others of my dates at London escorts.
After we had been dating at London escorts for about six months, it soon became apparent that we had a lot in common. Hanging out with the other girls at London escorts had taught me a lot about this man, and he really did seem to appreciate the same good things in life as I did. When he asked me to leave London escorts and marry him, I did not hesitate for one single moment - it just felt so right.
We ended up getting married two months later, and I left London escorts just before our wedding. My new husband seemed happy in our relationship, and although I really enjoyed his company, and our romantic honeymoon, I did miss my sexy times with my friends back at London escorts. However, I was pretty sure that my husband would not be too crazy about me taking an adults only holiday with my friends from London escorts.
As we were coming up to our first wedding anniversary, my husband seemed to be planning something. He started to talk about taking a special holiday. Up until then we had been on a couple of regular holidays, and I must admit that I had enjoyed renting villas in Spain with him, but I still missed my adults only holidays with the girls from London escorts. I am not sure if he picked up on it, but always having been sensitive to my needs, I guess that he might have picked on something.
Perhaps it was the search history on my laptop which finally ended up guiding him in the right direction. But I had not intentionally left the Google front page open. A week later when I came home from my little part time job, he told me that he had booked an all inclusive adults holiday in Jamaica. Apparently it was novices week at Hedonism II during our wedding anniversary and he had been brave enough to go ahead and booked a week for us at the luxury adult only resort. I had been there before with my London escorts friends, so I knew that we were in for a treat. Was it going to be for my husband? I was not sure, but after a couple of days at the resort, I realised that I should not really have worried. He absolutely loved in, and made the most of our sexy wedding anniversary trip. I let you guess where we are going this year....

Escorting has been around for thousands of years - it's perhaps the oldest tradition in the book. Both men and women enjoy the pleasures of securing the services of an escort which allows them to get away and experience some no-frills fun every so often. Escorts are also great because they allow people to experiment with new fetishes that they may be too nervous to do with their own partners. London, the capital of the United Kingdom, has a thriving escort industry, with hundreds, perhaps even thousands of service providers out there.

The great news is that there are a wide range of escorts in London which is very beneficial to clients in the area as rates are typically very competitive. As such, several the most attractive girls imaginable are offering their services at very reasonable rates.

Many escorts choose to operate through an escorting agency, which effectively acts as a middle man. This can be helpful to both clients and providers as for clients, they get to see a list of escorts with information on what they offer and their availability and reputation, while providers have less to worry about in regards to administration and have better safety. Maxes Angels is a good example of a well-known escorting agency which operates in London.

In addition, there are some cheap escorts in London who choose to go it alone, working through sites such as Adultwork. This gives the escort full control over the arrangements, from who they see to the rates that they charge. As such, because the middle man is taken out of the equation, both parties often end up financially better off - the client is charged less because the escort is trying to be competitive, while they can still charge more than what they were receiving previously as they don't have to pay anybody else.

Fetish service providers often tend to go it alone as they have a very distinct range of services to offer that sometimes extend beyond normal escorting grounds - such as extended sessions or sessions without actual sex. London has several dominatrices who work in the city of London - some of them will be advertising on Adultwork, while others tend to use social media and their own websites.

But one thing is clear: London has an escort industry which has succeeded and only looks to get bigger, which should satisfy both clients and service providers.